Bill Bandits

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Why would I buy someone else a gift?

Well.. why not! Is the reason of spreading love infinitely for no reason at all not reason enough! Imagine the lit up faces of unsuspecting humans when they’re bill they have gone to pay for has been paid for.. long before they can even think to pay! Wicked, right? 

Or when they have received a mysterious gift box bursting with happiness from someone completely anonymous to them! 

Or simply, when they know, someone out there (someone very kind!), had thought of them and wanted to gift the gift of love without wanting anything back! 

Oh the joy that comes with giving, and expecting nothing in return! Once you start, you will find it hard to stop! But don't take our word.. See for yourself!

Who are the Bill Bandits?

Mr. and Mrs. A

We are an undercover group of bandits, disguised as ordinary humans - just like you! 

We discreetly get around, so as not to be found, and steal bills and plant gifts for strangers and friends alike!

Legend has it, Mr. and Mrs. A had found the first Bill Bandits an eternity ago. All they had to give was infinite love, but they did not know where to give it! So they gave it to the Bill Bandits, and told them to travel far and wide and find those to receive it! Magical, right?

Ah, but that is just folktale. And though we don't really know who started it, or why they had started it at all.. here we are! Carrying on a legacy of spreading love, infinitely!

We cannot be known, for there are many of us - everywhere, but nowhere at all! Shall we dare call you a Bill Bandit too?

Here's a tip: look for the circle and the dot! Lest it bare upon its head the Jester's hat, you will have found what you are looking for!